Poltek A.Ş. Engineering Plastics - Areas of Utilization
It is a material with a high mechanical resistance.
It features electrical conductivity as well as impact
absorption. It is a material resistant to heavy wear.
It is also resistant to chemicals.
This material is used in
1. Simple gears, bearings, bolts
2. Flanges, roller belt pulleys
3. Cutting sheets, filter sheets
4. Lathe tables and all types of component manufacturing
1. Machine industry
2. Chemical industry
3. Textile industry
4. Wood working industry
5. Sports and entertainment goods
6. Conveyor systems
7. Food industry
8. Filtering systems
9. Rollers, sections, and flat guides
10. Slippery bearings in elevators and rails
1. Rotating and sliding machinery components
2. Gearing and bearing parts in heavy industries
3. Heavy tonnage pulleys
4. Sliding spare parts for earth movers
5. Rollers
6. Pulleys
7. Wear plates

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